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MAC Continuing Ed Offering 11 New Classes

Mineral Area College released its spring continuing education schedule this week, featuring a variety of classes from the “Art of Tatting” to “Self-Defense for Teens and Young Adults.” MAC offers continuing education classes to the general public to provide additional opportunities for recreation and education in the Parkland.

Eleven of the classes offered are new this semester, and include classes for people who want to start their own business, who want to learn more about the Windows 8 operating system, buying and selling on eBay, extreme couponing and more. MAC

Continuing Education Director Pam Watkins said that, in addition to the classes listed in the schedule booklet, hundreds of courses are also available online through MAC CE.

“Online courses cover such things as creating mobile apps for iPhone and Android based phones and tablets, continuing education credits for teachers, writing and publishing courses, business analysis and more,” she said.

Other than the online courses, most classes are held in the evening or on Saturday morning and average $45, with the exception of the entrepreneurial series and the water treatment/distribution operator courses. The full schedule can be downloaded at or you can request a mailed copy by calling the Continuing Education office at (573) 518-2342.

Watkins said enrollment in classes is limited, so early registration is recommended. Interested parties should contact the MAC Continuing Education Department at (573) 518-2342 or by email at

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