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Where Our Journey Began

The Dudenhoeffers work and live in Jefferson City.
Not only does College Park student housing provide a safe learning and living community for students, it is where many long-time friendships are cultivated.  That’s where Rolla native Linley Chapman and Linn native Andy Dudenhoeffer first met.  

In September 2011, many of their MAC classmates and Park Hills area friends, gathered to celebrate the couple’s wedding day.  Linley says, “My maid of honor, Amanda Carroll, is a MAC alum, too.  We stay in touch with many friends from the area.  MAC is the starting point for our college educations, creating special memories and our adult lives.  We cherish the many new and lasting friendships we nurtured at MAC.  For both of us, MAC was our first time away from home, a place we learned how to start our adulthood.  It’s where our educational journeys began.  We are incredibly grateful for the relationships and memories that MAC brought to our lives.” 

Andy earned an AA in Horticulture and Landscape Design in 2007 and added a BA in Agri-buisness from Mizzou in 2010.  He says, “Horticulture instructor Jeanne Holmes and agriculture instructor Alan Bayless injected a sense of humor in their classes which added to our learning.  I considered them more than just my teachers; they were good mentors, too.  Activities outside the classroom, like serving as Post-Secondary Agriculture Student Organization treasurer, created many good memories as well as leadership skills.  Our trip all the way to Idaho Falls, Idaho, was quite an experience for us.”

In 2007, Linley completed her AA in Education.  She earned her BA from Central Methodist University and will soon finish dual master’s degrees in elementary and special education administration from William Woods University.  “MAC impacted our lives in so many ways,” says Linley.  “Andy still landscapes on the side and uses his horticulture knowledge throughout his degrees.  I rely on many strategies and skills I learned during my education in my own classroom as a teacher.”   

Linley currently teaches special education in the Jefferson City Public Schools.  Her plans are to stay in education and hopes an administrative opportunity will present itself in the future.  Andy is a processing specialist with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  In his position, he helps feed Missouri’s students.  His job responsibilities include ordering food product for schools, primarily with the USDA and multiple large companies across the U.S.” 

Sean Young and Jim Wilson are two of Linley’s favorite instructors.  She marvels and says, “I wanted to be a Sean Young protégé.  His phenomenal teaching style taught us how to be effective teachers while enjoying our jobs with humor.  Jim inspired me to be creative and explore my artistic skills.  Now, I use them frequently in my classroom and as a hobby.  His eccentric, hands-on approach to teaching inspired me every single day.  I vividly remember our especially worthwhile Art Club trip to Chicago, and I bet others do, too.”

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